MisaDito, your Catholic church & mass finder… LAUNCHED!

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After months of persistence and hardwork, we are proud to announce the launch of MisaDito, your Catholic church & mass finder!

MisaDito allows you to easily find churches in the Philippines and their relevant information including exact location and address, contact info, social media pages, and many more!

The professionally designed website showcases a map tool where you can navigate and discover places using a familiar and easy-to-use mapping platform where churches for certain areas, cities, or provinces are strategically marked. This church map feature also integrates with popular navigator (Waze, Google Maps) so you can easily send the church’s location to those apps.

MisaDito gives you a list of churches within your area with their corresponding addresses and mass schedules. You can even filter the mass schedules by day and how far the churches are from your location!

Another impressive feature of MisaDito is it gives you a “live map” of the mass schedules. On the church map, you can easily visualize which church has an upcoming mass, ongoing, or scheduled for that day.

As of this writing, we have added so far the mass schedules for the churches in the City of Manila, Metro Manila. Expect more mass schedules to be added by our team in the coming weeks and months!

Stay tuned and follow this blog for more news, updates, and developments for the MisaDito project!




If you want to support the advocacy and mission of the MisaDito project, go to our Give / Donate page on ways how to help or donate.

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