NEW MisaDito Homepage Showcasing Top and Featured Churches!

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You may have already noticed that the homepage of the MisaDito website now has a new and improved look and design. Previously, the homepage was a map view (similar to Google Maps) where you can see church markers on a given location. The map tool was very innovative but based from our recent user experience (UX) study and review, the tool was not used often or effectively.


We value customer feedbacks and suggestions so our team decided to create a new homepage that will give more highlight to the churches. After approximately 2 months of development, we published a new homepage on the first week of February. So far, data shows that the new homepage has resulted to more engagements and improved user experience!



Below is a summary of the new features and contents of the new MisaDito homepage:

  • The new design displays a section for our Featured Churches which our team picks.
  • There is also a section that lists the Top 5 Churches which are the most popular and most visited churches on our platform in the past 24 hours.
  • You can also see helpful links to our MisaDito pages, news, and store!
  • Lastly, there is a video section taken from the MisaDito YouTube Channel where we will produce more videos in the future.


We are truly grateful for all the support and prayers that you have given to the MisaDito project. Without your donations, we won’t be able to keep the website running or add more features.  Without your prayers and without purpose, we won’t be as inspired and as motivated to strive hard for the project’s success.

We continue to pray to God for guidance on the right path and decision to take for the mission. Please pray for MisaDito.


Thank you and have a blessed day!




If you want to support the advocacy and mission of the MisaDito project, go to our Give / Donate page on ways how to help or donate.

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